About Beth LeValley

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Welcome! Here’s a place where you can learn, experience and help me help you by finding content on how to better format a publication for the internet.

My name is Beth LeValley, and I’m a senior enrolled at Drake University studying Marketing and News/Internet journalism, but I’m much more than a couple of majors. I’m involved in several leadership positions at Drake, and I work hard at keeping up with an internship and extra curricular activities. I grew up in Waukee, Iowa, and my pride for Des Moines and its surrounding suburbs goes way beyond the average Drake student.

To combine both my marketing skills and my talent for writing, I’d like to go into content marketing. Ideally, I would love to focus on marketing for a publication, creating digital marketing assets or turning print articles into irresistible online articles.

I have a strong desire to help people, whether that’s in customer service, volunteerism or even just helping a coworker spell a word. I’m also a huge news junkie—I keep up with the Des Moines Register, Wall Street Journal and constantly refresh my Twitter feed. So, follow along and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two.