Design Work

While I’m not a design major, I enjoy learning new things—which includes graphic design. I’m proficient in Adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Here are a few designs I’ve created for classes, internships and extra curricular activities:


I worked at Créme Cupcake + Dessert both as an employee and an intern. This is a simple reproduction of its storefront, located on 28th and Ingersoll in Des Moines. Created in Illustrator.


As the President and Editor-in-Chief of Drake’s chapter of Spoon University, it’s my mission to recruit writers, marketers and photographers for our website. This is a table tent created to put on the tables of dining halls for students to read. Content and design created by me, designed in InDesign.


This poster was created for Drake Chorale’s performance in February of 2015. It was dispersed around the Drake University campus as well as the Des Moines community. Created in InDesign.

BLeValley Initiative

This print advertisement was created in class and one of three advertisements that would run in a magazine during the holiday season. Created in InDesign.



This is a sample of a personal website page created in InDesign.