Since I tend to write about food more often than other things, I also mostly photograph food. However, on vacations and road trips, I like to take a camera and photograph landscapes and nature.



This peanut butter bread pudding will put your peanut butter and jelly sandwich to shame. Yes, I made this recipe and took the photo for the article.



Desserts are my specialty, so I made this molten lava cake for a treat around Valentine’s Day.



My nephew is obsessed with the alphabet. For his second birthday, I took fondant and created a cake that he was as equally obsessed with. Here’s proof.



This photo was taken at Maffitt Lake, just outside of Des Moines.



I took a trip to New York, and I admittedly ate way too much. This is a crab cake appetizer you can find at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park.



Who knew Iowa could be so beautiful? This was taken in Decorah, Iowa, just before finding a magnificent waterfall.



A perfect Italian meatball on a plastic fork sums up my experience at the World Food and Music Festival in Des Moines.



No, I don’t think you can find this flower in the Iowa wild. I stumbled upon this beauty in the tropical dome in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Beth LeValley Pancake

This photo was taken for a Spoon University article, “The Official Review of the Pancakes at Drake University’s Pancakes & Politics.”